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Bitfalls is a web development, blockchain, and AI company with 10 years of experience. A small team with domain expertise helping educate, train, and build in the areas of modern technology.

Our web3 history
Our AI history
Photograph from the first edition of Blockconf
What we do


We have been educating people about blockchain since 2015 - from basics to development. We organized several conferences and have spoken at hundreds. We developed applications, DAOs, newsletters, and written entire wikis on protocols and technologies.

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Photograph of Bruno Skvorc speaking at websummercamp about progressive centralization
What we do

Artificial Intelligence

Having worked in the field of AI and knowledge graphs since 2014, and having been on the forefront of the LLM revolution, Bitfalls can help you determine where you need, don't need, and absolutely require AI integration. We will help identify pain points, focus your fear or skepticism of AI productively, and augment and improve your workflow.

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Photograph of Bruno Skvorc speaking at Investment Academy at faculty of economy in Zagreb
What we do

Financial Hygiene

In a blockchain world rife with scams, fraud, FOMO, ponzies, and an unforgiving infrastructure without insurance and legal oversight, financial hygiene is paramount. Being your own bank is not for the faint of heart, but we're here to help you navigate this dangerous and confusing space.

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Bruno Skvorc speaking at AI and Blockchain summit in Switzerland

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